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Middleton Hills is a neighborhood for the present, designed with a sense for the past. The qualities of small town life include friendly streets, houses with front porches, generous parks and open space, and a pedestrian oriented commercial center with shops and offices.

Middleton Hills is located in the City of Middleton, eight miles from the State Capital in Madison, Wisconsin. The community consists of approximately 400 single family homes, townhouses, apartments and live/work units. Small shops and businesses are an integral part of sustaining the daily needs and work opportunities for the neighborhood.

Middleton Hills was designed and master planned by Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk (DPZ), internationally known architects and community planners. The emphasis is on an intimate, friendly scale. Comfortable homes with small front yards line the streets -- with plenty of greenspace nearby for hiking, bird watching and recreation. Garages, some topped by apartments, are tucked away on alleys. Neighborhood conveniences like a grocery store, dry cleaners and cafe are just a short walk away. Existing hills and trees, lake views and wetlands have been preserved for community enjoyment.

The founder of Middleton Hills, Marshall Erdman, wanted residents of this development to rediscover the sense of community that has been lost over the last decades in the sprawl of isolated housing tracts, shopping developments and office parks. The emphasis is on people; on quality of life in a self sufficient neighborhood.
Some of the unique features that are found in Middleton Hills are:

  • Short setbacks, front porches: Smaller lots result in closer configurations and counter the sense of land waste and isolation that typify modern development.

  • Generous greenspace and open areas: Grouping of housing units on smaller lots permits forty acres of undeveloped greenspace. The planners believe that a community's finest amenities should be enjoyed by all.

  • Safer streets: Narrow streets that follow the topography of the land discourage speeding, and are therefore safer for pedestrians -- particularly children and the elderly -- to cross. They also encourage neighbor interaction. The criss-crossing of streets in a grid system provides more optional routes and less congestion than typical suburban thoroughfares.

  • A range of housing prices: A range of housing has been built, from smaller, more affordable cottages, apartments and townhomes to more spacious homes.

  • Mixed use: In addition to a variety of residential units, Middleton Hills offers commercial, retail and business space. Shops, all within an easy five minute walk or bike ride, will evolve to serve the needs of the neighborhood. For entrepreneurs or retirees with hobbies, the live/work units provide housing above a workspace.

  • Harmonious architecture: A sense of design and proportion are critical to a sense of neighborhood. In Middleton Hills, the architectural codes assure harmony through use of similar materials and an emphasis on midwestern architectural tradition, but permit individual expressions and interpretations.

  • A neighborhood covenant: Middleton Hills Neighborhood Association, comprised of all the owners in Middleton Hills, oversees protection of the neighborhood through neighborhood covenants.

And so much more: An added bonus for Middleton Hills is its physical setting: its proximity to the city center of Middleton, the urban advantages of Madison, the academic and athletic resources of the University of Wisconsin, and the natural beauty of lakes, hills and woods.

RESIDENTS: Questions or Concerns regarding Middleton Hills alley snow removal, assessments, landscaping, etc.? Please contact the MHNA property manager, Brumm Inc. Condominium and Community Management at 608-250-5011 or .